Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tired Thursday

Well, it's Thursday, so you know what that means.....

As school is coming to a close, so should my energy and yet I keep finding just a little extra here and there.  

Monday afternoon we had a surprise wedding and baby shower for some co-workers.  I had the job of "secretly" setting it up.  The hard part was that my teammate was one of the "surprised" and of course she's also on the social committee so she wanted to set up for the wedding shower. Kinda crazy- luckily I have some pretty fabulous children who helped me. 

Tuesday: End of the year staff meeting.

Wednesday: Retirement party for two colleagues and tearing apart my room. Thankfully I have many hands who want to help.  So I let the kids do centers while I throw stuff out and pack stuff away and wipe tons of dust off of things haven't been used. 
Made panda cupcakes for all of my students- therefore was up until waay past my bedtime

Thursday, today, we had our end of the year pizza class party, school dance and I'm attempting to have my students put on some plays. And....for some reason the parents think it is going to be some BIG deal?! No, it's the end of the year, I'm trying to keep the kids busy and fluent and doing something they enjoy doing.  We won't be using a stage, no full costumes. Sorry parents.....I am a achiever, but not that huge at the end of the year.  

Tonight, finishing gifts for students, photos and cleaning up the house.

I am TRULY going to miss these kids. I loved my 17 boys and 10 girls.  While I may have had 3 or 4 children who some "issues," I still loved them.  I have been teaching for 7 years and while I've liked most of my classes, there have only been 2 that have really won my heart.   A fourth grade class and this year's class.  I would loop with them and I know they would love that and so would I.  However, I also love the team that I work on and I fear that if I loop I would never get back to my team again, so unfortunately I miss bid adieu, farewell, adios and au revoir to my babies. They've grown up so much.  I hope and pray that they won't become the menaces that were the 5th and 6th graders this year.  I fear for some of these lil ones.  

I guess I'm selfish, I don't wanna share them with anyway. LOL

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  1. YAY!! Love, love, LOVE the pandas! Too cute! You are a pastry goddess!


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