Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Weekend Update

 Don't you love how my weekend updates come midweek?
I'm just leaving you hanging. 

I left school as soon as the kiddos left and headed to my friend Jenna's house.  We were going to pick up our race packets and bibs in Annapolis and were hoping that we wouldn't hit traffic.  The Expo was at a hotel and was fairly small, they had muscle milk, ING, the bike doctor, skirt sports, cytomex and some other cute vendors.  The bags looked like messenger bags and the technical shirts were black.  I restrained myself from buying cute running skirts which I don't need and instead bought a running hat that I did need.  My head is quite small and so hats sometimes look weird, or I have to pull them so tight that they aren't able to attach again, bummer.  But I found this cute Brookes Hot Pink/black running hat.  Winning!

There were apparently tornado warnings/watches in our area. We were supposed to get some big storms and we did. We had thunder and lightning and heavy downpour.  The sky got real dark, some people started pulling off the road even before it started to rain.  As soon as I got back to Jenna's I took off for home,  My SIL and her boyfriend were coming down spur of the moment for the weekend.  I wanted to beat them home, but got backed up in traffic for about 30 minutes. Reason.....there was some major flooding on the road. 
This I was not a fan poor lil VW golf...I drive a low rider


Race Day: Zooma Half, see post from yesterday

After the race I napped, seems to be what I typically do after a race.  Not to mention I was up at 4:45 for the 7:00 AM race so I was tired! 

Saturday night we had our International Dinner, the theme being Germany.  The hosts supplied, a cheese platter, beer brats, a plethora of German beers and wine. We also had red cabbage, sauerkraut, onions and potatoes.  I provided the dessert of course.....I made apple strudel.  It's funny, everyone was amazed that I was still walking after a half marathon and that I cooked.  I am usually fine the day of the race, it's the day AFTER the race that my body really hates me.  

Sleeping in was on the agenda.

Then we all headed over to Eastern Market for brunch at Boxcar Tavern.  DC is quite the brunch city, but maybe most cities are, we just aren't in them frequently enough.  We've never been to that restaurant before and since it was such a beautiful day we (mainly I) wanted to sit outside.  We didn't get outside seating, but we did get to sit in the gigantic open window and people watch and enjoy the fresh air.  

Gary got scrambled eggs, home fries, fresh fruit and bacon.

I had an open faced french dip sandwich with a side of fries.

SIL-Jess, had a bacon and bleu burger with a side of fries

Chris had poached eggs benedict and a side of home fries 
Sorry- he ate it too quickly!
I looove big hats!  I also love accessories- sunglasses? Yes Please!

Then we walked around Eastern Market. LOVE this place. On Saturdays it is local artists selling paintings, jewelry, clothes, etc. There are also local farms that sell their fruits and veggies too.  Sundays are the best because there are all those vendors plus a flea market.  We've purchased many items for our home at Eastern Market, some things are just so unique.  People are so creative!  There are also food vendors too. One of my favorite, In a Pickle.  If you don't like pickled foods then this is not a stop you should visit, but if you do, hit that place up! You can sample all their different types, hot and spicy, dill, sour, wasabi and horseradish.  You can also get 3 pickles on a stick for $2.00!

True Wuv                                 Ballerina skirts!
Food- of course, I couldn't stay away from that....

People, you will be proud, I DID not buy ANYTHING! Wait, that's a lie, I got a homemade strawberry lemonade. YUM!

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