Thursday, May 10, 2012

Can't run without!

When you run, what's something that you CANNOT run without?

I've answered that question on a few blogs. There are a few things that I feel like I can't run without, ONE being music, I need something to pump me up and inspire me. TWO, a GOOD GREAT sports bra! These are not cheap and yet for a woman they are very important, at least I think so.  I know people are loving the minimalist show, but I can't go minimalist up top. I am a big fan of bright colors and am always drawn to the bright colored Sports Bras.  The problem is you can't really run in one to try it out and then return it if it doesn't support the ladies in.  You often have to go on reviews and descriptions.
There's nothing worse than angry ladies- Can I get a Amen to that?!

What I have experienced with many a sports bra is that they hurt my shoulders.  I've tried Victoria's Secret sports bras (I mean they are the deluxe of all bras, aren't they?). But then again maybe they are meant to be more sexy than practical? I've tried to go the cheaper route and buy Target bras. They have bright colors and fun patterns and SkinnyRunner swears by them.  I like them too and have 2 of my own, the thinner strapped ones.  However, for long distance running they just don't cut it. For spin, yoga, step class and the elliptical they are fine; where bouncing is required, not so great. 

I own Nike sports bras too. It takes me so long to pick out one because again, sports bras are not cheap, so I don't want to just buy just any one. I've tried on Under Armor and Adidas. I'm just so skeptical now, since I've been had so many disappointments.  I also notice that if I wear my sports bra too long my shoulders start to hurt.  I need the SB to be tight enough so I don't bounce like crazy and yet when I get too tight they cut down on my shoulders and then I then my neck starts to hurt too.  My Nike SB was actually doing okay, that is until Gary dried it by accident. Now it feels like my ribs are being squeezed to death and I feel like it's hard to breath when I run. So, now that bra has been retired. As have my VS sports bras.
Enter my wonder SB.  
Last year I went to my first runners Expo and was overwhelmed with all the running gear. I pretty much wanted to buy everything(maybe I'm a closet shopaholic). Thankfully I had dragged along my husband so he kept me grounded. While I was there, I saw a booth for Sports Bras, Coco DesignsI was a little apprehensive to try it out, but I decided it didn't hurt to try.  I felt like it was a little loose around the elastic band and asked the owner, Nicole, if that was normal, or if I needed a smaller size. She said that once I started working out that it would tighten up.  She also pulled down the back of the sports bra so that it was lower on the back.  They offer black and white SB right now, but I'm really hoping that they will have some new colors coming soon.  I bought the Bra*Kette black SB and I LOVE IT! I also love that it has a pocket on the left side. That has come in handy on many an occasion.  For keys, credit cards, chap stick and of course my iPhone. It DOES NOT hurt my shoulders and it does tighten up when I run.  It is also not ridiculously restrictive so that I can't get it off after a long workout. 
From their website:
[Coco Designs works to achieve a simple idea-that fitness and exercise should be fun, effective and worry free. The Bra*Kette is made to do just that. When wearing the Bra*Kette you can work out without having to worry about being uncomfortable or suffocated by your sports bra, as well as listen to your favorite music without the music player being in the way. The Bra*Kette which is made of nylon, lycra and spandex is cut in the United States and sewn in Costa Rica. The mission of Coco Designs is to provide Smart Apparel to Active Women.] [source]
I would have taken a picture of mine, but it's in the wash....
It's the only SB I wear now, I either need to find another Expo stat, or order online.  Ask my husband, he knows the SB pain that I've gone through although he doesn't really understand it. 

Thank you Coco- Designs for making my SB wearing experience amazingly so MUCH better!

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