Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Here's for you Daddy!

Hobby of the Day: Running
Sooooo this is Meg and T's first run/race ever.  They have been super nervous. These are some things I heard this weekend:
 "My run is basically a walk."  "What if I pass out?"  "If I fall down, just keep going." 
"I only ran a mile recently."  

However, my ladies did GREAT! We ended up leaving around 8:20 metro tends to run super slow on race days and the metro did not disappoint. We ended up with a 15 minute wait and of course we had a bag to check and didn't know where that was. 

 We were sporting our homemade t's, purple nail polish and purple bows.
Pre-Race: Smiling So far
 All the runners started had already started before we made it up to the line and then we had to dodge all the walkers, dogs, children and strollers.  I will say that many a stroller ran past me.  Gary took off and we never saw him again, until the end. T, Meg and I stayed together in the beginning. T took off maybe a little faster than she should have, could have been the adrenaline.  You do also seem to use a lot more energy dodging around people.  We stayed together for a little over a mile and then we lost Meg.  I felt bad because I was supposed to be pacing them, have NEVER done that before. It's kinda hard to pace two people at the same time when they don't run the same pace.  I ended up sticking with T. At about 2 miles there was a water station, I didn't really need it, but I grabbed a cup, pinched it and drank down a few sips.  Right around the Capital T kind of hit her wall, but she never stopped running.  I kept looking back and asking her if she was ok.  We hit mile 3 and we had .1 left. I told her we were gonna "push" it to the end, sprint it out for the last tenth.  SO proud of her! Once I crossed the line Gary was waiting there for us,  I sprinted back over the railing to go back and find Meg.  She really wasn't all that far behind us.  I found her and we sprinted over the finish line together! 
Still Smiling even After.....
We didn't get timing chips for this race.  Gary ran about a 27 and T and I did around 33/34 and Meg did 37.  This was their first PR which means next time they will do even better.  It means so much to me that they all ran this with me, especially since Gary and T have never met my dad.  I hope I am making him proud!
Then we got some nummies, Pop chips, water, bagels, banana, Dole yogurt/fruit bites and popsicles.  I think we forgot that we had brunch reservations.  We hung out for a little while and then we headed up to The Hamilton for brunch.  
Cheers to our Victory!
Fried Chicken with bacon and sausage gravy on a biscuit

Quiche with asparagus and mushrooms
Breakfast burrito

If you pace, do you run in front of them or behind? Isn't their job to try and keep up with you, or do you push them from behind?


  1. Thanks for pacing me, chica!! It was such a good time. This race has helped kickstart my healthy lifestyle. I've exercised every day since! Love you! XOXOXOXOs

  2. Thank you lovey again for coming! Exercising everyday! You go girl! Now you are my role model. Keep it up and add variety!


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