Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tired Thursday

I think that I am pretty good about posting M-W, LOL, but midweek I hit a wall! It's my I'M TIRED wall.  I go hard at the beginning of the week, especially this one.  

I took over the job of Career Day at our school and still taught- I know people, BE AMAZED!  In the past it has been our guidance counselor who has done it, but she was assigned Testing Coordinator this year and therefore we really didn't have a guidance counselor. She needed to take a whole day off to create the schedule.  Thankfully, I can't leave anything least minute, that's not how I roll.  I am get it started waaay before it its due so that it doesn't come back to bite me in the butt. 

Here is a picture of my "organization" of the presenters schedules.  This is actually the teacher's schedules. Next year I will have one for the presenters.  I would have been more OCD if all the post-its really lined up and if I had had more colors.  Unfortunately we only had 5 colors in stock and I was not going to go out and spend more money.  I apparently need something like 15 colors of post-its. Does that even exist? 

Dear Post-it, 
If you have other fun colors will you please send me some for next years Career Day so that I can be even more organized?! 
Sincerely Avid-Post-it User!

What I loved was that I could move people around really easily, or just cover them up with another post-it. It worked for me, It might not for everyone. 
While I'm not really excited about trying to organize for next year, I am kinda excited to make up another schedule and re-wow my fellow co-workers......

Thank goodness for my fellow 1st grade team, without them I would have been in tears. They pitched in waaay BIG! Love them! 

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