Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Homemade Pizza

Hobby of the Day: Cooking

For some reason I have been craving homemade pizza.  Don't get me wrong, I love ordering it too.  Speaking of which apparently Dominoes is going to be selling a gluten free pizza.  Thankfully I don't have a gluten allergy, but I know that there are quite a few people who do have that problem.  It seems as though more and more food is showing up in the grocery store gluten free.
Gary and I have never made pizza before. Wait, that's a lie, we have pulled it out of the Digiornos box and put in in the oven. Does that count as making it?! Probably not.  If you know me, you know I don't like a whole lot of sauce on my pizza, I don't really like sauce on my pasta either. Even as a little girl I would have my mom put it in a side dish, or on the side of my spaghetti. I was a butter and cheese kinda girl.  Pretty much still am.

It was actually Gary's night to cook, but I gave my input and helped the poor guy out with the dough.  

We bought the self rising pizza yeast and he mixed up that bad boy. I helped him knead it- such the good wife. :-)  We don't have a round pizza pan, so we improvised and used our cookie sheet.  It was rectangular, kinda. I spread it out on the cookie sheet and then Gary went to work creating our white pizza.  He spread on ricotta and added some Italian seasoning, then some chopped up garlic.  Then he spread mozzarella on top and then our toppings.  I LOVE mushrooms and he despises them, so mine was veggie and his was pepperoni. 

We also spread EVOO on the edge of the crust for a little added crispiness. 

Have you made homemade pizza before? What are some of your favorite toppings?

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