Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Besties Part 2

Cinco de Mayo vs. Avengers

Saturday was a ridiculously fun filled packed day from the time we woke up until the time we got home at around 1 am! I know, for some of you 1 is nothing, for this chica it's crazy. I am usually a 9:00-9:30 during the week and 11:00-12:00 on the weekends. If Gary is playing hockey and I don't go I'm in bed by 11 or earlier depending on how I'm feeling.

We got up Saturday and immediately started to make our t-shirts for Race for Hope. The Race for Hope is to raise money for Brain Cancer Research.  This is a race near and dear to my heart since my father passed away from one when I was 15.  T and I had bought pink sparkly iron on numbers for the back of our shirts. We bought purple puffy paint and additional iron on paper.  Purple was one of my dad's favorite colors.  I ironed on all the numbers, 19 for T, 83 for Meg, 2 for Gary and 97 for me, the year my father passed.  I wrote my maiden name at the top of the numbers, Maxwell.  Gary made breakfast while all this hulabaloo was going on. He made pancakes and Meg made the sausages, while T cut out all the numbers for me.  

We had planned on going to the phillies game. Go PHILS! They were playing that Washington Nationals, who are doing surprisingly well this season, so far.  I should have bought the tickets earlier, stupid me, we got to the ticket window and the guy goes I have a nice boxed air conditioned seat for y'all.  Cost=$540....um, NO Thanks! There was nothing for less than 100 and while I love my Phils, I don't love them THAT much....so off to a bar. This was ok because the Capitals were playing the Rangers too at the same time, so this made Gary happy and we were among fans.  The results- Phils lost and Caps won, so I guess it was good that we didn't go to the game, plus we saved a lot more money too.

Dinner was at Lola's another Barracks Row favorite. We had wanted to go to a Mexican Restaurant, after all it was Cinco de Mayo.  There was a great Mariachi band playing on the street at the two Mexican Restaurants, but the wait was waaay too long. Instead we got cupcakes and macarons at The Sweet Lobby, if you watch Cupcake Wars you will know this name because they won that episode!  I got the salted caramel macaron (melts in your mouth yummy!) and the spicy chili chocolate (the spice gave it some extra heat but it worked so well together-as if they would sell something that didn't). T got the pear and goat cheese (I did not get to sample this).  Meg got a s'mores cupcake, me hazelnut and T got the Asian Spice that had a chocolate surprise in the middle and also won on Cupcake Wars.  While I LOVE their macarons, I am not 100% sold on their cupcakes, I guess I will just have to try them all:-)
We had had margaritas at Lola's, can you guess which one is mine? 

Then after we headed to see the Avengers. If you haven't seen it, GO! While I don't really follow comics I do enjoy the super hero movies.  I don't really like Spiderman, but maybe that's because I didn't like who starred in the movie. The new one does look a little interesting, but not necessarily movie worthy.  Movies are so expensive, we have to be very selective.  The teens there and some of the adults spend some serious money though, snacks, drinks, hot food, candy, it's super crazy.  There were some very humorous parts in that movie. I guess I can do a movie review later.  

When we got home at like 11:45 we still had to finish our t-shirts. Add something to the fronts and finish our iron ons.  I ironed on a picture of my dad and black eyed susans (what he used to call me "his little black eyed susan"), T ironed on cherry pie, one of my dad's favorites, Gary ironed on a fractal (he was a physics teacher) and Meg ironed on an ice cream cone (because he took us out for ice cream) and a skink (because he taught her about them) if you don't know what that is, look it up.   
We also added the verse: Isaiah 45:5

We ended up going to bed around 1:30-2:00 which is crazy if you have a run the next day and have to be up at like 7:30, but since it wasn't a long run and it wasn't supposed to be too hot and I wasn't going for a PR, I guess it was ok.  Was I tired the next day? HECK YES! 

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