Monday, May 21, 2012

You've just been bamboozled

If you are a Friends fan, you understand:-)

Hobby of the Day:  Going to Bamboozle in Asbury Park, NJ

I don't go to concerts very often and if  I do it's only because my wonderful husband has bought tickets. My first official concert was my sophomore year of college and we saw, New Found Glory, Less than Jake and Good Charlotte.  I was kinda into pop punk at the time, I guess I still kinda am:-) I've seen Jimmy Eat World a few times, The Fray, Foo Fighters, Yellowcard and some others. You may be surprised to know that I have even been to a few hardcore music concerts too.  I have NO idea what they are saying, but I do enjoy watching people Mosh and "dance." It's just so dang expensive to go to concerts. Why does entertainment have to be so expensive?! 
Gary surprised me, as usual with tickets to go see Bamboozle.  It was a whole weekend event, but we only went for the bands that were playing on Sunday.  It was about a 4 hour drive, sleep time for me. Actually I did a pretty good job heading up, but not so great heading home when the hubs probably could have used my chatter.

Originally Blink 182 was supposed to play, but had to drop out because of the flu, I think.  They got My Chemical Romance to play instead, which is meehhh to me. I don't really know their stuff. But, I was super excited to see The All American Rejects, Jimmy (of course!) and The Foo! We didn't actually get to any of the other stages sadly enough.


We got there at about 3:30 and immediately had to distinguish ourselves from the youngsters that were all over the place. It was quite a beautiful day, PERFECT weather. Although, if it had been a little colder then perhaps people would have been wearing more clothes instead of less.

I have to say that it makes me sad that girls feel the need to wear such little clothing, short that aren't really shorts and shirts that are barely there as well.  I'm not a mother, but if I saw my daughter wearing some of that, I might have blown a gasket! I also blame retailers like American Eagle with their half shirts and when did lace shirts because so popular?!

Needless to say- this was a WONDERFUL place to people watch! 
Here's a HUGE pet peeve, sorry if you do this, but people who buy the shirts at the show and immediately put them on.  LOL one kid bought multiple shirts and changed them with the different bands.
I was worried that I would have to stand for hours upon hours, but the main stage was set partially on the boardwalk and partially on the sand. If only I had realized, I would have brought a towel along to sit on.  But...I Heart the beach so I didn't mind just sitting on the sand and soaking up the sun!  
 I knew all their songs(because I'm a good great fan!). They didn't play anything off their new album, but played off Futures, Clarity, Bleed America and Chase the Light! They make me so happy- I regularly listen to them while I'm running.  
I'm sorry to say I forgot to take a pic of The All American Rejects, but I loved all their songs too and it brought back lots of memories!
In case you were wondering, Yes, I could taste the Rocky Mountains
 I wish I could tell you what songs they played, but I can't I don't really know or listen to their music.
They played a great set.
P.S. The Foo Fighters also played on the season finale of SNL, the helicoptered from here to there- pretty cool. Also, sad note, Kristin Wiig is no longer on SNL. 

 The youths by us got bored, or restless and decided to dig holes and build mounds to stand on.

 Can you tell that he loves me? Note my blue sweatshirt....I had to purchase that because this dork(me) forgot to bring something and ended up freezing- it's ok, it's a Fueled by Ramen sweatshirt. 

Fireworks after the last song.  One of Gary's friend's brother was helping to set them off, just a fun fact that I thought you might be dying to know! DJ Pauly D was playing, but we didn't get to see him spin his stuff because The Foo Fighters were a little more important.

Would I go back? Good question. I guess it depends on the line up, as well as the cost.  
Was it fun? Yes, I had a blast people watching and since the weather was perfect I loved just sitting on the beach. 

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