Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Eating like a Single Lady

There is nothing wrong with being single, or living alone.  I mean Beyonce sings about "All the Single Ladies" right?!
Sometimes solidarity is nice. I mean, I'm married, but even this chica needs some "me" time. Because my husband works 3 nights a week I am often left at home alone. I usually putz around, or nap. Sometimes I do the much needed chores. Actually I'm a pretty good at cleaning, ask the hubs.

So, although I do enjoy cooking, I am not going to cook for just lil old me. Instead I live mostly off of pasta or veggies, or the combo of both.  If there are left overs I will pick at those too, or I will just graze on whatever we have in the house.  
Remember Ramen? Think college, I do, I buy the 6 packs for like $3 at the grocery store.  My favorite is the blue package, or Oriental flavor.  I didn't realize that Oriental was a flavor, did you?  When I hear Oriental, I think rug.  I think Ramen needs to catch up with the times and use Asian Flavored....although being Asian, perhaps I am not really a fan of that either.
Do you like how I even classed up the photo with instagram?
I know *gasp* I'm a grown woman eating Ramen. Clearly I am eating it for it's amazing nutritional value, all those vitamins and minerals mmm.....or maybe it's the high sodium content, that must be it. I enjoy retaining water and feeling like I can't get my rings off.  I am, however, a little more classy and cook it in a pot, compared with the microwave-I'm beyond college people....I also don't eat it straight out of the pot(although I've thought about it), again classing it up, I put it in one of our nice bowls. :-) But, if I ate it out of the pot I would only have one thing to clean compared with two....hmm.....
 Why yes, those are red pepper flakes on my green beans- Love my Spiciness!
I'm also a huge fan of veggies, so sometimes my dinner consists of just that. Steamed broccoli, roasted cauliflower, green beans, potatoes, zucchini....I'm a veggie kind of girl. Plus at least when G isn't home, I can eat all the veggies he dislikes.  Score for me. 

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