Monday, May 7, 2012

Besties Weekend Part 1

This past weekend I was blessed to have my two best friends come and visit.

My one bestie, Teresa, came in on Wednesday and my other bestie, Meg, came in Friday afternoon. Both of these girls were in my wedding and I have known them for like EVER and they mean the world to me!  I wish that we lived closer together, but am thankful for all the times that we do get to spend together. Because Teresa came so early it meant that she would get to come into my school and meet my kiddos and help out and also teach a lesson!  So exciting! 
Gary made dinner for us Wednesday night, grilled chicken and avocado lettuce wraps (my idea) with a side of quinoa- my new favorite food! Then T and I went off to step class.  We sweated and stepped and "Around the Worlded."

Thursday T and I went to school and she hopefully enjoyed it. I hope that I looked the part of a good teacher. LOL.  T is a dietitian and so she taught the kiddos a nutrition lesson.  Apparently the food pyramid is no longer in use, it is now  She read the story, Vegetable Soup, by Lois Ehlert and then we made a nutritious snack. We called it, "Eating a Rainbow." Not to get mistaken with the skittles commercial "Taste the Rainbow." T had pre-bagged up, chopped red peppers, carrots, corn, cucumber and chopped red cabbage.  We spread cream cheese on whole wheat wraps and then gave each student a task, to add salt, pepper, Italian spices and veggies.  Then we rolled it all up- RAINBOW! Some of my kiddos loved it, some didn't like it, but at least they tried it which was the important part. Some asked for seconds. I know that it made T happy and I was so pleased with their behavior and willingness to try!

I Love to be organized!
We came home and just chilaxed and talked- something the two of us are great at.  Then we went to a Tupperware party at my good friend Jenna's house. I know what you're thinking, Tupperware? But really it's not the same as it used to be. There are fun bright colors and you can cook in a lot of them and they have a lifetime guarantee.  We got play money for different things that we did, which we could use to buy auctioned off freebies at the end. You know teacher's love freebies! Tupperware is not cheap stuff, but neither is Pampered Chef, but at least they have some good deals.  I purchased the yellow topped vegetable and fruit containers that help to lengthen the life of my products so that they don't go to waste.  It was a lot of fun. Jenna was the hostess with the "mostess." She served wine, cheese, crackers, veggies and strawberries. And for those of you who read me, You know I LOVE cheese!

One of our MANY snacks!

Friday- I took off from work and T and I ran some errands, picked up t-shirts and materials to make shirts for the 5K run on Sunday.  Then we went to lunch at Shawafel down on H street. So yummy. I got my usually, spit roasted chicken with coleslaw, garlic toum, french fries and pickles.  The fries are on the wrap, if you haven't been, GO! 

Meg arrived at 5:30 so we went to pick her up.  Then we hung out before dinner and then walked down to H street again and Gary went to Shawafel and us girlies went to Rita's Water Ice.....Gelati? Yes Please!

Cheers to the Girls- Drinking the hubbies Beer

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  1. YAY!! My first official appearance in your blog. I am so honored and completely BLESSED to be one of your besties!!! Thanks for showing us such a fabulous time!! Oh, and you are an AMAZING teacher and being a guest in your class was such a wonderful experience! Love you! XOXOs


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