Friday, April 20, 2012

Stepping it up!

 Hobby of the day: Working it

I haven't done step class in ages.  I was taking pole on Monday nights and didn't have the time to double up, plus the classes were a few hours apart.  There are tons of regulars at step...I wish I had someone to go with.  Nevertheless, back I went. Ran 1 mile and did weights before class. I almost can do what she's doing.....almost

Then I went to class. The guy who leads the class has tons of energy.  I always wonder how instructors plan their "lessons." Do they rehearse at home? Do they have a notebook? If you are a trainer, how do you plan?  I've gone to a few spin classes where instructors have had "cheat" sheets.  I also wonder where the instructors channel their energy, not only to do the workout, but to inspire and motivate us lazy bums.
It's three days later and apparently I haven't been using my calf muscles enough, which is weird because with running I thought I was..... I always enjoy having a little pain(that's the masochist in me talking- JK) because then I feel that I am working "new" muscles and toning them.  Those steppers are intense so many of them add extra flair in there, more spins, steps over,! I'm just trying to hang in there with the best of them.  I am a "perfectionist," sometimes and I like to be able to get it immediately and feel dumb when I can't. I don't like to stand out, well at least not in a fitness class when there are mirrors all around.  
Yesterday, G and I went to the gym. We did weights first and then headed to the treadmill.  For some reason it was warmer in there than usual. We started going and man, have you just had one of those days? It was a bad throat was sore and I was super stuffed up- thank you allergies.  My calves were also not very forgiving after putting them through step. This is why I need a roller. 

Enter the present:  It was a beautiful day, sunny and cool.  Since it's Thursday we have our walking club at work.  We walked about 2 miles complete with great conversation and a few laughs and a lot of sarcasm.  It's nice to bond with co-workers, especially when work sometimes drains your life. Can I get a "What, What!"   I knew I needed to run today because I haven't run outside since we went to Jamaica, but instead I came home and took a lil nap first.  Besides, I had to wait anyway until Gary came home first before he left for second work. Some days we only see each other for 2 hours, I'm sure some people have it a lot worse.  I draaaged my butt of that couch and headed out for my run.  My mapmyrun app just recently was updated and now it tells me how many miles I've gone, my average minutes per mile, as well as how long I have been running.  That's an upgrade in my mind! I ended up running my best mile pace. I was also sporting my new PRO Compression Socks. I can't say that they are "the" reason I ran my best, but they did certainly help my sore calves from step.  Plus I know that everyone I ran past was secretly jealous and coveting a pair....(I have a great imagination!) I also think that the treadmill is helping me to improve my pace.

** Apparently PRO Compression is doing the sock of the month right now: Marathon Compression Sock in Baby Blue. The price is $30 plus free shipping. SCORE! Use coupon code: SOM412 at checkout

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