Monday, April 30, 2012


 Time to get Down and DIRTY!
There's nothing like a little dirty running!
The first lil hill where people already start to walk
This past weekend Gary, his siblings and I ran a 5k dirty run. It wasn't Tough Mudder, that's just a little too intense for this chica. We did runamuck last year with his sister(Jess) and her boyfriend(Chris).  This year his brother(Eric) joined.  Last year, it was nice and warm and apparently hadn't rained a lot so the "water" area that we ran through was just pure mud. Gary lost his shoe because it got sucked off his foot, found it and then kept going, but lost his sock. So....he spent the rest of the race running without a sock. Silly. I got stuck in so deep that I had to be pulled out, by Chris.  You basically had to crawl through the mud because walking was virtually impossible.  I have to say that my arms were so tired after that race. 
 The last obstacle before.......
Enter this year, 2012.....turned out to be the best day ever a cold and basically sunless day. YES! We didn't have any cute "outfits." I had been too busy to create anything. We ended up cutting up some t-shirts right before-totally awesome- DO IT.  I promise, if we EVER do it this race again, we will have better looking costumes! Some people are SO creative. Last year there were peeps and bunny peeps and brides and cows. Pretty funny, I still don't really want to be running in anything extra that might slow me down and make it difficult to do the obstacles. Anyway we were supposed to get there earlier since 
they didn't have any pre-packet pickup. Actually it was pretty easy to get all our stuff.  Then we stood around and we were cold. We watched people come over the the last obstacle and jump into the cold watery mud pit.  I saw Mario and Luigi and a bunch of male "wrestlers" complete with the teeny bottoms.....interesting.....lots of self confidence there. 

Trying not to look chilly
They called us for a "warm up" of dancing. Usually we wouldn't participate, well I would have, but the rest of the clan wouldn't. However, because it was so cold- everyone did it!! 

Start time was at 1:30......we were off. There were a few lil hills. After the first one people were walking.  There were several obstacles, crawling through tubes, over fences, under barbed wire, over a rock climbing wall, balance beams, spider webbed bungee cords, stepping through tires, going through hanging tires and of course the water. Last year it was pure mud crawling through on hands and knees. This year we were up to our waists in Warm COLD water.  At one point we had to do a short swim through the water.  Jess, Gary, Eric and I all ended up getting in a bit of a mud fight before the end.  There was no way not to get wet and then we kept running. My hands were freezing by the end. I had wanted to pull my hair up before we hit the mud/water pit, but I couldn't feel my little fingers.
We got clean by showering under some cold showers. Actually I think it was warmer than the lake lady parts have never been so cold!Jess and I splashed and tackled each other and of course the brothers had themselves some fun.
At least we look like we participated this year!

No Diva here!

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