Monday, April 23, 2012

Date Night!

Every so often Gary and I have a "date night." Usually it's on him to plan, he spends more time on the computer so he has time to figure out a nice restaurant.  A typical date night consists of dinner and a movie.  We don't go to the movies often because it is so expensive....hmmm maybe I should get a part-time job at a movie movies...We don't usually dress up when we go out to dinner, but for date night we spruce it up a little instead of looking like the bums we usually do. I know, don't we look fancy?!

Gary made a reservation downtown at The Hamilton, which apparently also has live entertainment.  The restaurant is part of the Clyde's chain, another restaurant we enjoy.  The menu looked good, not that Gary would choose a restaurant that didn't have good food options. They bring you your own water bottle and some hearty, crusty bread. We got the lettuce wraps to start. He got a Manhattan and I got my favorite, a mojito.  

For dinner, he decided to splurge on the filet mignion, the 8oz! Crazy, but that at least allowed me to have a generous bite. It came on a bed of mashed potatoes and garlic sauteed spinach.  I decided to go for the open faced BBQ brisket, for some reason I've been craving good BBQ.  It came with mac n' cheese, coleslaw and onion straws and texas toast.  What I didn't realize was that it was going to come all piled on top of the texas toast (they even cut the crusts off the toast). It was a little messy, but supper yummy. I couldn't even finish it all. I was also trying to save room for dessert. Overall, I'd give The Hamilton an A.

We opted to pass up dessert there and head to Georgetown to see what sweets we might encounter there. Of course it was raining when we left and we were metroing and walking. Luckily I threw an umbrella in my purse, just in case. There were many others who were not so lucky.  We ended up going in a few stores in Georgetown to avoid the rain.  

Dessert ended up being cupcakes at the famous LA originated Sprinkles. Y'all know I love a good cupcake and I was not disappointed. I did not get my traditional red velvet. I go s'mores which had a graham cracker bottom(a fun surprise), a chocolate cake with chocolate in the middle and was topped with marshmallow frosting. It was sooo gooey and delicious! Gary got a peanut butter chocolate- and then we shared a black and white, which was ok). Cool thing about Sprinkles is that they donate all the extra cupcakes to a local food bank. Sprinkles gets a A-

We then headed to the theater to see 21 Jump Street.  I never saw the original so I have no idea how it compares. I'm pretty sure that it is quite different than the original with Johnny Depp. It was pretty funny. we don't usually see a lot of comedies in the theater, we would rather see action movies simply because the effects seem so much "better."  I do, however enjoy seeing comedies in theaters because everyone around you is laughing equally hard, or harder! It definitely had funny parts, but also a lot of cursing. Overall, for a comedy I give it a B.

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