Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy 95th Gran!

I wish you had that honor of knowing my grandmother. I hope that I can be a percentage of what she is and what my mother is. 
Not the best picture- and she refuses to smile
This past weekend, my grandmother celebrated her 95th year of life!
  She is an amazing woman, you would think so too if you met/knew her.  There are many things that amaze me about her, she still plays piano and plays frequently at her retirement home.  She was up at the sunrise service playing the piano on Easter morning. Me, I was in bed when the sun came up. She still knits, even though she has no great grandchildren, she has made blankets and sweaters and hats for those "future" babies. She even knits for the nurses that take care of my grandfather.  

I trekked up to my mother's house in PA.  Honestly it isn't that far, 2.5 hours give or take. I just hate driving, maybe it's not so much the driving, but the fact that driving puts me to SLEEP. Dangerous combination driving and sleepiness.  Ask Gary, I typically fall asleep within minutes of being in the car- hopefully when we have children someday they will do the same.  Thankfully my mother drove  up to good old Lancaster- ahhh Amish country.

My mother being the hostess with the mostess (I aim to be her) arranged for a nice dinner with family and friends.  She brought appetizers, shrimp, punch, cheese and crackers. She made the party favors and the centerpiece.  Everything coordinated(of course), but that's my mom.  Honestly she should consider being an event planner especially for people on a budget.  She's so artistic in every sort of way! I will be her sidekick!

My beautiful cupcakes-I thought they looked my radiant displayed on the glasses.
My dinner- Yummers! Melt in your mouth meat- sorry if you are a vegetarian, but you will note that there are potatoes and beans.

My grandparents live in what I think is a DELUXE retirement home.  This is where I would like to retire someday.....haha.....they redo the interior every 10 years or so, out with the old and in with the new....the furniture, not the elderly. They also get their apartments redone, pretty neat.  There are tons of different "units" you can live in, apartments, condos, town homes, etc... They get their meals and health care(good health care).  They have a coffee shop, library, salon, wonderful new outdoor area complete with fire pits and grill.  There are tons of activities both in house and out of house, in country and out.  
 Left the hall to one of the dining rooms. Right, grand entrance.

Fire Pit- note my awesomely tan legs- thank you Jamaica. On the right, grill and dining area

***I hope that if I live to be 95 years young my grandchildren will come and celebrate my life.  Love you Gran! 

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