Sunday, December 18, 2011


Hobby of the day: Running

I have never been much of a long distance runner.  When I was in middle and high school I did run track and play field hockey, but I tried as much as possible to stay away from distance runs.  I chose to be a sprinter, it kind of chose me too I suppose.  Running the mile for the President's award was a necessary evil..... Treadmill running was also of no enjoyment. I was more of a elliptical kinda girl. 

I never enjoyed running at home either.  About 2 years ago I looked up some easy 5k races, the one in particular was The Race for Hope, the fight against brain cancer.  This was a race that really hit home, since my father passed away from one.  I signed my husband and I up for the race and began to "train." I use the term loosely because I didn't really do it very well.  My husband can run for miles on the treadmill, but doesn't really interest me.  Unfortunately the day of the race was very hot and humid, but I did finish and Gary stayed with me the whole time which was really nice.  

I  have also had trouble with my feet falling asleep, they typically fall asleep at around 2.5 miles, but since I have been doing more and more running they fall asleep later and then they eventually come around again, thankfully!  

Since my first 5K I have run one other 5k, a 10k, 10 miles and an 8k.  My next "big" run that I am currently training for is a half marathon.  Just typing it gives me shivers.  But, I figure, I've done 10, what's 3.1 more miles?!  I will also be slapping that 13.1 sticker on my car too! People have asked if I would do a full marathon. I just don't really have a desire too.  My before 30 goal was to run a half so I have about 2 months to get ready for it, but that shouldn't be too hard.  It's the Rock N' Roll half after all in my hometown. 

I love living in the city and I love city running, especially in the Nation's Capital, always something to see and always people out and about.  The only thing is, it's winter now.  So Gary and I only get to run in the dark, which isn't too bad, but it's also cold. It's hard to come home after work, then wait until Gary gets home and then go for a 1-2 hour run.  Thankfully Christmas break is coming up, so hopefully we will get some daylight running done.

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