Thursday, December 29, 2011


When I used to run back in middle/high school shoe brand didn't really matter all that much to me.  I wasn't a super serious runner and I never had a lot of money to by extras.  I usually went to Kohls, which was of course the best place to buy running sneakers.  My checklist were usually, not expensive, comfortable and "cute" (i.e. nice colors).  I typically would keep the same sneakers for about 2 years or so.  Since I have become more "serious" about running I have tried to be better about buying good running shoes. 

Nike Turbo 8- My Shocks
Prior to last year, I had only gone once to a legit running store, but not to purchase sneakers I purchased running spikes for sprinting.  I've also shopped at the Nike outlet for sneakers.  The last pair of Nike Sneakers I bought were,  the shoes above.  I bought them because I love pink and I liked the design, I just assumed that they would be fine for running and they were.  However, I've now had these Nikes for a little over two years now and they've definitely seen better days.  Shoes are just so dang expensive!  
Last year Gary and I went to the Georgetown Running Company and they had me run on the treadmill to see how I planted my feet.  They recommended that I get shoes with more support, surprisingly my husband who has plantar fasciitis needed a more neutral shoe.  Sadly, I purchased these Pumas.  After using them at the gym a few times I realized they really hurt my feet. They gave me support all right, too much in the heel area and not enough at the ball of my foot, so it felt like I was pounding the daylight out of them.  Similar to wearing heals with no platform in the front.  Sad to say I've only worn these shoes 4 times.  As you can see there is some dust/hair gathered at the toe.  Ooops :-)

This year I discussed running shoes with many of my running friends.  They recommended Brooks, Mizuno and Asics.   I purchased these Brooks ghost 3, not the newest of the ghost series.  I still have yet to run out on the roads in these, but I did try them out on my mother-in-law's treadmill and have been wearing them around my house.  Tomorrow I will break them out for the first time. Wish me luck!

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