Sunday, December 11, 2011

Jingle All the Way 8k

Last weekend my husbands and friends ran the Surfin Santa 10 miler down in Virginia Beach.  

This weekend I decided, "Why not try and also do the Jingle All the Way 8k in DC." I told Gary that he didn't have to run with me and tried to convince my other friend to run with me.  I have apparently become addicted to runs.  I have been told not to call them races since I will most likely never win, nor am I really competing for a prize. Those people are insane.  They run in 34 degree weather in tiny shorts and tank tops, maybe even sports bras.  I don't do that even in just hot weather. These are also the people who run 15 min 5ks and 24 min for their 8k. Wow! I don't even pretend to know what that's like. 

Cute Shirts!
I didn't sign up online so I had to go the pick up area and sign up.  I flew out of school at 2:00 hoping that I would make it to there before 3:00.  I got there and signed up.....then some nice lady was offering 10$ gift cards for some Mexican Restaurant if we just called a friend and asked them to run.  I said, "sure, why not?"  So I called up my friend and asked her if she changed her mind on the race, she said, "Yes."  So I signed her up. Win Win!

The race was at 9:00 am.  Apparently I miss timed it. We got to Union Station to metro to the starting line and found out that the trains were sharing tracks and of course running late.  So, I suggested taking a taxi which we NEVER do.  No DC taxis take credit cards apparently, so we had to get cash. Roads were closed so it took us a little while to get there.  I was nervous, but I also know that we wouldn't be starting in the front so it just matters that we cross the start to start the timing. The race did not start on time.  

Made these for our hair
There were however so very cute costumes.  I saw a bunch of penguins, of course your typical Santa and reindeer.  I saw some very cute toy soldiers too.  I was not dressed up for the 10 miler.  I got myself and Jenna hair ribbons and super cute fake fur socks, red with white polka dots.  Lots of people were wearing the super cute Christmas socks from Target (pronounced tar jay)  Shout out to Target!

Jenna and I think run at about the same pace. Gary, my husband runs much faster and we usually don't run together at all.  It was an interesting course. A lot of lops and whatnot.  The water station wasn't very well manned and a little chaotic. I don't think that they had enough volunteers.  The water was literally being poured into some people's cups.  

My New Running Buddy!
As we running down Pennsylvania Ave towards the finish, which I could see they directed us down another road only to loop back up. Good thing I hadn't started sprinting to the finish.  When we finally did see the finish I did sprint to the end. Thankfully Gary was kind enough to grace us, so early and cold in the morning, with his presence.  He took some pictures for us. Thanks Love

We finished the 8K at about 53 min which is about a 10 min pace.  

Next Race: Rock n Roll half DC in March. Let the preparation begin!

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