Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tortilla Espanola!

Hobby of the day: Cooking

About 8 years ago I had the opportunity to study abroad in Spain.  I was junior in college and was majoring in Elementary Education, but decided to choose a minor in Spanish.  I thought it might be beneficial in this day and age.  Unfortunately I was not very prepared.  It was a near disaster. I was homesick the majority of the time and had culture shock like wow.  I think the idea of studying abroad is great, but I went knowing no one and my Spanish was no where near where it should have been. All the friends that I met there only had to get a passing grade, my school unfortunately took my grades.  That was just another pressure on me.  I stayed with an elderly Spanish lady in Barcelona.  She spoke Spanish and Catalan, the primary language of Barcelona, but no English.  We did not get along very well. 

However, this is not all about my Spain disaster.  This is about the food, of course! 

I found many dishes that I LOVED! Several of them my senora made much to my delight.  She made this amazing arroz al cubano, which I have yet to perfect.  The other favorite that she made was tortilla espanola.  Since Gary works 3 nights of the week I have 3 nights to play with dinner wise.


1/4 cup Onion
1 potato
5 eggs (or so)


Chop up the onions and saute the onions with some oil until soft, put aside to cool. 
Chop up the potato and add to the pan with some oil, put heat on low cook until potatoes are soft.  I typically also add some salt to give the potatoes some more flavor.
Crack the eggs into a dish and beat, add the cooled onions and eventually cooled potato (if you add hot potatoes the egg will start to cook)
Add the combined mixture to a smaller frying pan and heat on low, so that the mixture will cook through.
Cook for about 20 min on one side covered.  When the egg doesn't seem runny in the middle flip it over to the other side either using a plate, or spatula.
Cook for about another 10 min.

Serve with bread.


Voila! Finished Product!

The highlights of my Barcelona disaster were by far the food and of course cafe con leche. The best! 

Yes, I did enjoy the Gaudi and Dali, but food seems to be one of my great passions and probably a downfall too.  Thankfully while I looove to bake, I don't actually eat much of my goodies, but at least my husband is one of my biggest fans!   

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