Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Training is back

So I am finally back to official training. I gots to be I have the 1/2 in Sept. September 16 to be exact and for those of you who are good at math, that is 27 days away. A little less than a month. GAAAA!  
Just found out who's playing the after....interesting.....

Today I logged the farthest I have all summer, 6 miles.  They actually felt pretty good. I started off going on a 4 mile run, but felt pretty good so added 2 more miles.  At about 2 miles it started to pour, so I ducked into a little area by the Capitol, where the fountain is....when it started to slow I headed back out. It was funny because there were a bunch of us sheltered in there.  The rain actually felt pretty good. There were still a bunch of hardcore runners in the rain. Love it! Plus the rain wasn't cold it was a warm rain. Unfortunately the rather nice day, turned rain, turned humid. 

Came home and stretched while sipping on chocolate milk, a after run/workout favorite.

It's funny too because I just quit the gym today, money back in my account.  Not that I don't love my gym, it's just I haven't gone in forever. I'd rather run outside and do my workout videos inside than travel to the gym. If my gym were cheaper I might stay, but since I went all of like 5 times this summer....meh, no loss on me.  I can still go to classes if I want to and just pay. It ends up still being cheaper if I go to 4 classes a month. 

Now that summer is sadly coming to a close I can run more frequently outside. I gotta say that running in the winter is my fav. I'm a cold lover and I have way more cold weather running clothes.

In another attempt to motivate myself. I have signed up for the MCM 10k which was our first "long" virgin run last year. So to keep traditions up. Plus, I got one of my besties to run and hopefully some of my other girlies will run too.  If you are reading this Jenna and Teresa, here's the website to sign up:-)  Actually anyone in the area reading this sign up!

Now I just have to coax the hubs to get back to running with me.  

What races do you have planned for the fall?

What's your after workout treat?

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