Monday, August 27, 2012

Homemade Ravioli

Who doesn't love food from scratch?  If you say no you are either lazy, don't care for good food or maybe you are a bad cook. 

Don't get me wrong, sometimes fast food is great, so are those frozen orange stouffers boxes, or that blue craft mac n' cheese box.    In my opinion it is just really satisfying to make something from scratch, plus I like the compliments I get from my husband and friends.  

The other day one of my besties, Meg, and I made homemade ravioli.  I have the pasta attachment for my kitchenaid thanks to my MIL.  It's so much easier to make pasta with 4 hands than 2.  What's the phrase, "many hands make..._______" I don't actually remember the rest of the phrase.  

Anyway we bought this neat little ravioli press.  It took a few tries to get them pressed out correctly, but it makes a bunch at a time.  I know that there are single presses, but the hubs used his head and got the one that makes many. Thanks hubs! Way to use your noggin.

 My lovely manicured nail, although I feel that my thumb looks aged.... this stuff....

 Pancetta, fresh parsley ricotta, regianno, fresh garlic and egg mixture

I need a good recipe for sauce. This is just regular sauce with italian herbs, garlic and mascarpone cheese. Anyone have a good recipe?!

The hubs enjoying the delicacy that is our meal.

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