Monday, August 20, 2012

Dropping the ball

Hi, it's me again. I didn't drop off the face of the earth. Well I guess my blog did.  
Even my husband has been giving me slack, so you know that's bad.

Last week I went back to school.  It was a week of room preparation, meetings and planning.  It's exciting and yet very tiring.  I am very pleased with how my room is set up this year.  I do wish that I could have less students-but that's a wish for the perfect world. I guess if I didn't teach in a low-income area class sizes would be smaller, seems slightly unfair to me, but we won't get into all the politics and logistics educational system.  

My room is mostly panda themed, but for some reason I was drawn to owls this year....oddly enough so were two of my co-workers.

Thus far I have "Whoo's a helper?" 
 "Owl be your friend"
"Owl Wise Work"
I know, kinda cheesy but I like them.  

Instead of stapling and taping all the time I hot glued clothes pins to the laminated owls so that I can hang all their work

For their pictures

Anyway.....this is the first week with actual students. I survived my first day with only 23 little owl babies.  As the year goes on only more will come.  Hopefully they will be little angels :-) 

I am tired today and no doubt it will only get worse as the week goes on....but I am hoping to get back out to running tomorrow as I have a half marathon in a month and I am SO NOT ready- EEEK!

I have another little DIY project that I got from pinterest that I will post later.  I hope my students get some good use out of it. I did lay on it the other day to "reflect" on the coming year. The more it gets used however, the more I will not lay on it.  I think you can figure out why.

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  1. LOVE the owl theme--especially the "owl be your friend" board. Perhaps the leopard print border has something to do with it!! Best wishes during your first week back!! Hope your little owl babies are good little students for you!! Love you!!!


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