Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rock N' Roll Philly Half

Well, I just completed my 3rd half marathon.  Surprisingly it wasn't my worst time, considering.  My first was this past March and it was another Rock n' Roll 1/2 here in DC.  The hubs and I did pretty good training wise. It's also always helpful to have someone who runs with you.  I was really surprised with my time especially since we had some hills.  I think it was 2:19, no world record that's for sure.

In June I ran the Zooma Women's 1/2 and trained, but again not as well as I probably could have.  I ended up getting something like 2:35 or something along those lines.  There were a lot more hills than I had expected.

This last one was also a Rock n' Roll 1/2 and with summer's here being so hot and humid it made it difficult to run outside.  I have also quit the gym because I feel that it is a waste of money and if I want to take a class or go once in awhile it's cheaper to do it that way than to pay a monthly membership.  I only ran up to 7 miles while training for this 1/2 which is no where near what I wanted to get to.  My goal was to get to 10, maybe 11.  Thankfully we had BEAUTIFUL weather AND Philly is quite flat, HUGE blessing!

I didn't run with water this time just with my GU and iphone.  I did stop at every water station though.  I found that putting GU in my pocket makes it easier for me to take them because it warms them up and makes them a little easier to swallow.  They handed me an orange GU at around mile 9.  That was NOT good.  I have to stick to the chocolate and vanilla ones.  
 High School Friend, Abby, actually I've known her since 3rd grade! That's what like 22 years?!
 On your mark, get set....and major traffic jam
 Barefoot Runner
 Loving the run under bridges and along side the water.

Originally we planned on staying with my mother outside of Philly and then traveling in real early Sunday morning.  Thankfully Gary decided that staying in Philly in a hotel would be better for both of our sanities. We ended up staying at the Hilton Garden down on Arch and 11th right across the street from the convention center where packet pick up was and right next to Reading Market. There was also the added bonus of the Wawa right across the street.  It was prime location in my mind.  I also found a cheap manicure place right around the corner.  I got a $25 OPI gel manicure, usually in DC it costs $40. 

You could choose the comfort of your mattress....wish ours did that.

I didn't end up with the worst time in the world.  I got 2:26.  Next year I will definitely train harder.  I'm hoping that for the one in March next year I'll be much more ready, especially since I know the hubs will be running it with me.  

It was fun because I knew a few friends running it, all of whom are faster than I, but we didn't stick together.  My one friend from HS and I started together and ran a mile and then I told her just to go. This was also a special run because my mother was able to come with one of her best friends.  She's never seen me run and I thought it would be neat for her to experience a 1/2 marathon and all the participants.  
I felt good for the majority of my run.  I didn't hit a major wall until about mile 11. And...thankfully my feet didn't fall asleep as badly as they sometimes do.  It was really gorgeous running there along the river. 

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