Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Got Stress?!?

How do you de-stress at the end of the day? 

As of late I definitely have been feeling stressed.  We are moving on September 28, not too far from where we are, but we have a lot to do before then, arrangements to make, boxes to pack....I am super excited though.  Only 17 more days and we will officially be home owners.  Feel free to send housewarming gifts:-), we also take cash!

Tonight was Back to School Night, for teachers that is one of the least favorite days of the year.  I got to school at 6:40 and just got home at 7:40 so I was at work for 13 hours. I know, some of you work more than that. I, however am not used to it at all.  

So tonight I am having a nice slice of Dairy Queen oreo cookie ice cream cake.  

I'd also really like a glass of wine, but we don't have any bottles currently. I guess I could run across the street, but I'm just too tired and I am already in my pjs. I'd post a picture, but you would all be too jealous of the look I am sporting right now.  
I think food is one of my favorite de-stressers...I also enjoy running, but after putting in a 13 hour day I'm beat.  I'm also a little worried about my half marathon on Sunday....eeeek, so not ready. If I was going to run a 10k like I am at the end of October I would be set.  Let's just hope we have beautiful weather.  The last few days have been truly "Fall" weather.  
Can't wait for this to happen!

It's hard to believe that tomorrow is only Wed, just gotta push through.  Happy Hump Day a day early!

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