Tuesday, September 18, 2012

When the Moon hits your eye

Like a big pizza pie, that's amore.

I sure enjoy pizza, I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Not just any pizza though.  I mean the fast food chains, Dominos, Papa Johns, are ok, but NOTHING is like NY and NJ style pizza.  I don't know what it is. I think I've posted about pizza in the past.  

There aren't really any good places in DC, although the jumbo slices in Adam's Morgan taste good, but only after having a couple drinks ;-)

Anywho, here's my review of H & Pizza

A few weeks ago, another new restaurant opened up on our favorite street, H Street.  It's called H & Pizza.  It's a "fast" food pizza place the supports local farmers, the pizzas are not pre-made and everything is fresh.  

Perhaps it is because they are new, but the lines are crazy(good for them, bad for me). Hopefully things will calm down. You can create your own pizza with unlimited toppings, or you can choose one of the creations.  People sure do go overboard when you can have unlimited toppings! I saw one guy putting shrimp and chicken and arugula, cheese, bacon and whatever else he threw on the poor pizza.

You get up to the counter and choose your crust, traditional, whole wheat or whole grain.  Then you choose your sauce, classic tomato, spicy tomato, basil pesto, red chickpea, garlic puree(what I got) and mushroom truffle. Your cheese choices: housemade mozzarella, provolone blend, ricotta, asiago, goat and daiya mozzarella. There are also finishes and oils that can be applied after backing. They also have drinks, alcoholic too, salads and desserts.  

Coming out of their oven! Hot and Fresh!

There isn't a lot of seating there, but you can share tables and we met some nice guys there.
 I also LOVE that the tables have ice water on them and, with lemons. I heart water and especially love it with lemon, so that's huge points in my book.  I think they also have water on the table without lemons too.

My delicious choice- gnarlic(super garlicy), but also added mushrooms
The crust was crunchy, but not overly so. 

Gary of course got the meat lovers one

They also add freshly cracked black pepper too if you want it.  

So, will I go back?! You Bet!  
So, if you are in the area, check it out, plus there are a lot of other great restaurants around there too.

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