Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Highlights of 2012

Better late than never......

You know, I can't really complain about how 2012 went.  I have my health, my loved ones a job that I like.....well, most of the time.  :-)

But....if I had to break it down to a handful of my favorite parts of 2012 these are some of them:

January 2012:
Began with dinner with some great friends. A quiet evening with plenty of food.

March 17th 2012:
Ran my first half marathon, Rock n' Roll DC half, which of the three I have run, was my best time.  I was also well prepared for it, despite the "hills."

April, Spring Break 2012:
Our first vacation with friends.  Usually we vacay solo. This time we went with two other teacher couples. Works well when you have the same schedules. We went to Jamaica, the cheapest we could find.  There are never any spring break specials, always before and after for us.

May 2012:
Ran Race for Hope, in memory of my dad with two of my best friends at their inaugural run!

June 24th 2012:
Celebrated our 6th anniversary in one of my favorite cities, NYC! We stayed at Grand Hyatt above Grand Central Station. It's super modern and super convenient to everything, we also saw Newsies!!! And, got to "meet" some of the cast members and got my pictures with them. 

August 2012 
Hit up Rehoboth beach. I heart the beach and we had so much.  Hope we can relive it again this year.

-oh yeah, and..... my dirty 30!   My bestie, Meg took the train in and we got out nails did, I also got some eyelash extensions. I felt super glamourous. 

Sold our condo!

End of September 2012
Moved into our new HOUSE!

October 2012
Got our corgi puppy, Pepe.  Gary said, as soon as we got a house we could get a corgi. He's super calm and super sweet. Love that little bundle of fur. Thankfully all the pets get along.  

Dec 31 2012

Cut down our first ever Christmas tree!

Ended the year with some great friends, the same two who we started the year with.  This time we went out to eat. Melting pot, time to loosen the belts, oh yeah, and wallets.  

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