Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Favorite Parts of this Season


Fall is not my favorite season although there are definitely aspects of every season that I love.  
Favorites of this season:
  • -apple picking
  • - barlett pears
  • - the beautiful leaves, as they change color
  • -cooler weather
  • -cute scarves
  • -boots
  • - pumpkins
I told Gary to hold up a pumpkin, this is what he chose(he clearly hates pictures). And yes, there were bugs coming out of that disgusting thing.  Sorry pumpkin, you are unwanted.
 I feel like I should be wearing Snow White's evil stepmother's costume and maybe not smiling. Just one little bite.

Since Gary and I had off today(thanks Hurricane Sandy) I thought it perfect to carve our pumpkins, well pumpkin, it took me forever just to do one. In hindsight I probably should have started yesterday. 

We have a bunch of pumpkin stencils, but we've used most of them.  I bought one of those kits a few years ago that came with two carving knives and a scoop.  Gary always gets frustrated that it doesn't scoop well so this year I bought a large metal scoop with "teeth"  from Michaels.  A lot easier I believe.  

I give him the job of opening up the top and scooping out the inside.  Then it is up to me to trace on the design and use my meticulous cutting skills to carve our pumpkin.  
For some reason I wanted to a Disney Pumpkin. I love everything Disney!  I really do love Disney World too, I almost think it is better without kids. haha, maybe I'm wrong......Here's my finished product. It needs a little more fine tuning, there is still a lot of pulp.

I also get the joy of cleaning off all the pulp from the seeds and seasoning and roasting them.  I love roasted pumpkin seeds.  If you have never done it before, you should.  You can season them with all different toppings. 

This year I did half with cayenne and half with garlic.
Of course they are all seasoned with melted butter and salt. You can of course substitute oil for the butter. But there is just something about the taste of real butter.  

So as I speak those delicious little seeds are roasting away in the oven, smells super yummy!  

What are your favorite things to do in the fall?

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