Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tis the season

Well, it's almost December..... which means:

Red and Green decorations
Baking cookies (prepare for recipes to come)
Secret Santa
Christmas scented candles

Running in Cold weather...brr....but I love it! I busted out the cold weather gear yesterday. It was actually cold enough to see my breath.  Cold weather def takes my breath away, but I felt pretty good yesterday considering.

Saturday I hiked with the hubs, SIL and future BIL with our dogs, the pup, Pepe, Belle and their hunting dog, Leroy- or as we like to call him, Leh-roy(accent on leh).  We didn't do anything too extensive. It was cold and Pepe has short little legs, but he was a trooper and did really well, we even let him off leash.  

BTW I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, full of Turkey and family and friends.  The only thing I was not thankful for was the amount of traffic we hit going up to the in-laws.  In boredom, we let Pepe drive. He'd be great, if only his legs would reach the peddles.  

After our cold and longish hike we went home and had lunch.  Then we went to play Turkey Tackle, AKA football.  Boys could tackle boys and girls could tackle girls.  Unfortunately there weren't that many girls playing maybe one on each team. There were four teams, which meant we had to play several games and of course it started to flurry whilest we played.  Let's just say, when the QB did actually did throw to a girl, me, I sucked and had super buttery fingers.  Bumming, at least I'm ok at defense, mostly. I missed a tackle on my SIL. Our last game that we played I was to guard some guy named "Big Country." Yes, it's exactly how it sounds and man could he run and cut all over. Fortunately I didn't have to tackle him, just two-hand touch him.  But let me tell you, I was SORE afterwards for a few days which is crazy because I wasn't tackled and no one tackled me.  I felt like I had run a 1/2 marathon.  Oh, my old age!

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